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Can Google Plus Benefit Your Business?

Many new social networking websites have come and gone over the past few years, mainly failing due to low user volume. This was an experience Google shared with the huge failure of Google Buzz when it launched in 2010.

It seems now Google may have found the way to get their foot into the social networking door by taking the best features of the big social networking corporations, making the application extremely easy to use, and planning integrating it in the future  with the Google search facility – providing a more personalised search experience.

With more and more businesses seeing the potential of social networking, Google will be expanding Plus with Google Plus Entity (Google Plus for business). The Google Plus team are still working on the features of brand pages for companies, with a view to launch this winter. This makes it a perfect opportunity to get ahead of the competition by signing up for a personal account and seeing exactly how Google Plus can benefit your brand, with its powerful range of features.

Officially, you are not supposed to set up a profile on Google Plus to represent a business. A few companies have been shut down for this, so it is best to start of with an individual, personal profile and wait for Google Plus Entity business pages to be launched.

There are already perhaps three very useful tools as part of Google Plus that can benefit your brand. This is not including what extra features may be rolled out with the new business pages.


Google’s approach to social networking by allowing a user to group contacts is much more professional-friendly than Facebook, where placing contacts into groups is not as easy as with Google Plus's drag-and-drop format. Right from the moment you sign up and start using Google Plus, you can group people as associates, clients, suppliers, competitors, or just trades relevant to your industry. Adding a new circle to the existing default ones only takes a few seconds.

By keeping groups separate you can maintain what you share with individual groups without worrying about sharing data you may not want all your contacts to see – perfect for target marketing and maintaining a degree of privacy from competitors.


+Sparks allows users to suggest things of interest found online, such as articles and photos to specific users or groups rather than posting it to everyone.

This is ideal for target marketing by focusing on those contacts who would find your content most interesting and most useful.

The  +1 Feature

The new +1 feature can be added to blogs and web pages. It is similar to the Facebook “Like” button, but may have a different style of function in the future. It is possible that Google may use the +1 feature as a method to personalize SEO. This would mean that if someone +1s your web page then it could add extra weight to the rankings given by Google’s search algorithm. This feature can be added into your blogs or web pages already and could give your pages a head start should Google use the +1 feature within its SEO. Plus it already allows a large community of Google Plus users to share your content.

The best thing you can do for your business right now is to read about the latest developments with Google Plus and to get familiar with its features ready for when Google Plus Entity launch this winter and give yourselves a head start on your competition.

Can Google Plus Benefit Your Business?

By Alex Blue

I have been working as a developer for UC4 since 2011. My job is to build websites that can evolve with your business. I am also responsible for making websites work well on mobile devices, ensuring your customers always have the best possible user experience.

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