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Packaging & Point of Sale

Thinking Inside and outside the box
The ‘point of sale’ is where buying decisions are made. The POS display stand needs to make consumers ‘want’ to buy your products.

A successful point of sale display not only sells the product to the customer, but also acts as an extension of the product itself, so the point of sale design must continue the branding of the company.

UC4 designs packaging to entice, educate, wrap and protect an item. Packaging that speaks directly to consumers and conveys a clear message. Effective packaging design will make the difference between high and low sales.

Standing out from the competition, leaping off the shelf, the design should anticipate the purchase thinking and convey information clearly, so that the consumer can quickly make an informed decision.

Packaging design needs to offer a bespoke solution to the problem of containing the object and understand how the item will sit on the shelf, how it will be held, and how it will be opened. UC4 can help with these requirements - please contact us.

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