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Business & CRM

UC4 builds business and CRM solutions that enhance and expand our clients businesses through online applications. Our services include:

Project consultancy

The success or failure of IT projects is largely determined at the outset, before any technical work begins, and the same is true for web applications.

The secret of success is to devise a simple, straightforward approach.

Manual systems often have far too many special cases and these can make an automated system impossibly complicated.

We can help you through these initial discussions to conceive a viable, realistic and cost effective project.

Integration with back office and web based systems

With increased website functionality, the amount of data to be transferred to and from other computer systems often exceeds the limits of what can be done manually.

Fortunately, many other systems can now transfer data to and from the web and we have the skills and experience to build automatic interfaces for our websites.

Examples cover stock control, accounting, till systems, SMS services, email services, Google Geo Coding and Google Mapping.

Critical business applications

Increased speed and reliability of the internet has resulted in increased confidence in its use for critical business systems.

We now have many clients running websites that are critical to their real time business processes.

Current applications include the following:-

  • stock/customer/order databases
  • eCommerce sites
  • Contact management databases
  • Business administration systems
  • Database driven selective emailing systems
  • Database driven selective SMS systems
  • Geo coding applications (store finders, delivery carbon calculators)

Business & CRM Projects

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Website, CMS, SEO

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Branding, eCommerce Website and Online Marketing

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eCommerce website, pay-per-click

Lee Longlands

Integrated Retail website

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integrated eCommerce website

ITC First Aid

Online Business & CRM

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