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Content Management

The UC4 Content Management Systems (CMS) is designed to be as user friendly as possible with a simple user interface which allows you to easily control the content in your website.

Our CMS is built around your business and to your exact requirements. It is not limited by the functions of an off the shelf system and there are also no limits to the look and feel of your site.

The UC4 CMS may be easy to use but the functionality can be as complex as your business demands and because we build Content Management Systems with in-house staff it can be upgraded as your online business grows.

Why choose uc4 for your content management?

A CMS for a business

Itís a content management system not a website design package. It looks at your business the way you do and not just as a collection of web pages. When you update your business data it will automatically update pages throughout the site.

A CMS with total design freedom

Effective websites are built around business needs and our CMS gives us total freedom to meet needs. We can build exactly what you need and not just what our CMS tools can handle.

A CMS for flexibility

Our designers will design a website with visual impact and a good structure for visitors and for Search Engines. The pages or parts of pages with content that changes frequently will be designed for management via the Content Management System. This approach makes best advantage of out skills here at UC4 and you own skills.

A CMS for speed and ease of use

For the typical user of our CMS, updating the website is only a small part of their workload and so the CMS has been designed for speed and ease of use. If you are looking for a CMS with dozens of button to press, you will be disappointed with the UC4 approach. In our thinking, fewer buttons is good, so long as you can do all that you need to do quickly and efficiently.

A CMS for safe and consistent results

When you use the UC4 CMS system, it does all it can to help you display your information in the web pages with a consistent appearance and you will never need to worry about generating pages that donít display correctly.

An Intuitive CMS

The CMS is accessed via password protected pages in the web site administration area. We use a very straightforward approach here too and the benefit is that very little user training is required. You will understand your business processes on the website and so you will have no difficulty in operating the CMS. A short demonstration is all that is usually required and you wonít forget if you donít use it for a week or so.

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