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eCommerce Web Design

UC4 offers cost effective eCommerce web design solutions where flexibility to develop and grow is important, but where operating costs have to be kept under strict control.

At UC4 we have been running eCommerce sites for more than 10 years and we now manage sites for our clients with an annual combined turnover exceeding several million pounds.

These projects have given us plenty of hands on experience, so if you need advice with your web design project we are able to help you to identify and to implement a realistic eCommerce development strategy.

On the technical side we have the skills to enhance website functionality where required and to back this up with an effective and strategic SEO service that delivers results.

Why choose uc4 for your eCommerce project?

Bespoke eCommerce

Our eCommerce web sites are cost effective for serious medium sized eCommerce projects, where operating costs need to be kept under control, but where flexibility to develop and grow is important.

Flexible eCommerce websites

The secret of a good eCommerce website is ease of use coupled with a strong uncluttered design. Categorising products to make them easy for website visitors to find is often more difficult than you might envisage, but a bespoke website design will make it much easier. The CMS system will also help ensure that you have the ability to make changes to your site to compete in the long term.

Credit card payments

Our preferred credit card transaction processing service is Secure Hosting, as their highly reliable service provides accurate feedback on card security checks. Other providers such as PayPal are also supported.

SEO performance capabilities built in

By careful design, product data entered via the CMS into the online product database can be used to generate website pages that will work well with the search engines. In practise this means that good SEO performance can be achieved by following some fairly simple “rules” when entering new product details.

Integration with back office systems

Some of the data required to operate the website may already exist in other systems, your stock control, and accounting or till systems. If there are savings to be made by automating data transfers between systems we can do this too.

Advice and SEO support available

Depending on your competitors, the time may come when you have to make more SEO effort to maintain the Search Engine Rankings to attract the visitors your business needs. We have the experience to help, either by offering a bespoke optimisation service or by providing access to additional tools on your website so that you can do the work yourselves.

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