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Paid Search Marketing (Pay Per Click)

Google Adwords PPC isnt right for all sites, but it is for most and it can be especially cost effective when used in conjunction with a standard SEO campaign.

On ecommerce sites and other sites where a monitory value can be assigned to website visitors, it is especially useful as results can be measured and only cost effective PPC Google Adwords campaign need be supported in the long term.

PPC gives quick results whereas a new site may take many weeks to perform well in the natural listings.

Its controllable costs and results can be monitored to ensure value for money.

PPC gives additional visitors even when your site does well in the natural listings.

Value for money as its a major revenue source for Google, the company will always see to it that the largest possible number of sites can benefit from PPC.

Paid Search Marketing Projects

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Website, CMS, SEO

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Branding, eCommerce Website and Online Marketing

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eCommerce website, pay-per-click

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Integrated Retail website

Luke 1977

integrated eCommerce website

Riley Surface World

eCommerce Website, CMS, SEO and Marketing


eCommerce website

Ted Williams Menswear

eCommerce website

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