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AID Fuel Cards
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A.I.D. Fuel Card Services is an independent distributor of six market leading fuel cards. Their service includes managing client fuel card accounts and providing feedback on fuel usage.


It’s a very competitive business and AID finds itself competing directly with the big oil companies in some parts of the market, so a modern corporate website was required. They wanted the new site to present an improved image of the company to existing clients and suppliers and to increase applications from prospective card clients.

To help make their website stand out from the competition they wanted a garage “site locator” which worked for all the cards they support


Our solution was to provide a website structure and design thoroughly optimised for good search engine performance, something which has to be done at the design stage and which can’t be added at a later date. The new site maintained look and feel of their existing site.

For the garage “site locator” the solution was straightforward in concept, if a little harder to provide in a form easily managed by client staff. A function was added to the UC4 Content Management System (CMS) to maintain a “sites database” from lists provided by their fuel card companies, Shell, Esso,Texaco,UKFuels and Key Fuels. The database holds in excess of 10,000 entries.

For website visitors it’s easy to use too.  Provide a postcode, select a card brand, and the website returns a map showing the nearest 9 sites (

The fuels card application process received special treatment too. On their old website there was a high drop-off at the fuel card application form page. The form looked quite big to do in one go and for some people it was obviously a turn-off. Our solution was to split the process down into several steps, starting with a very simple online application and following it up with an introductory email including a link to complete the application. After the first step AID staff have the client contact details and can follow up enquires.

Due to the nature of the contract between AID and clients a signed application form is required. To smooth this process, those who complete the online application can print a customised application form, sign it and return it to AID.

The CMS is designed so that AID staff can help applicants at any stage, helping to complete the customised forms over the telephone if required.

The new card application process has been a huge success, greatly increasing the number of card applications and reducing the administrative workload in handling the process.

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