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Choosing The Right Colours

Choosing The Right Colours

Whether it is Coca Cola, Barclays Bank or American Airlines, every brand in every sector will have some form of business logo. Placed on products or company collateral, a logo may seem like just an artistic decision but with the power to touch customers and influence purchase decisions it is one of the most memorable interactions any business can make with their customers.

For this reason the colour you choose for your logo may quite easily be one of the most important choices you make. I read an insightful article by Eric Markowitz not too long ago over at in which he looked at how one colour can shake up even the biggest brands. From the decision by Heinz to release green ketchup that saw over seven million in sales to the decision by Pepsi to opt for a new clear drink that had little force; colour choices can have tremendous impact on business.

This analysis made me realise that whatever the business and whatever the size, the colour you choose for your company logo can quite easily be the make or break factor. For those who think the decision lies with their graphic designers, perhaps Markowitz’s article might make you realise just how impactful the correct colour choices can be. Gone are the days in which colour was best left to someone with the aesthetic eye, today it is the icing on the cake for any brand which is why it is no longer a decision that anyone, whether a large corporation or an SME can afford to not be a part off.

Below are my top tips that may help you when considering the perfect colour for your business logo:

  • Personality and Character- The best place to begin when choosing a colour for your logo is to determine what your brands personality and character is. Do you want to be seen as an environmentally friendly business or are you all about the cool ‘hip’ side of life? By determining how you want customers to view your business, you will have a great starting point for making your decision.
  • Colour Charts- There are hundreds of variations of colour charts available online that show a multitude of colours, the most common words associated with the colours, the industries in which the colours are prominent and the most famous brands associated with them. These charts are quite insightful and can help you see the bigger picture of the options that are available to you.
  • No Restrictions- There are no restrictions on the amount of colours you can have on your logo so the last thing you should do is force yourself to make one hard decision. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match to find your perfect combination.
  • Competition- Take the time to look at your competitors and their choices of colours. Are the colours you are considering too opposite? Does your choice allow you to stand out of the crowd?
  • Effectiveness- Does the colour you choose work on an all round basis? The last thing you want is for your choice in colour to work only on print and fail when it comes to online marketing. Your finished logo needs to work across the board, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Colours are symbolic and can represent the nature, purpose and goals of any brand. They can reach out to customers and even determine whether a sale is made or not which is why, whether you are a new business or simply rebranding your existing image- getting involved in design decisions can make all the difference to your success.

One colour really can change the face of your business, have you made the right choice?

Choosing The Right Colours

By Maria Ahmed

05 September 2013

Having spent some time working within PR, Marketing and Journalism, I have found that my heart lies with Search Engine Optimisation and am currently the SEO specialist here at UC4. I work daily to ensure that whatever your industry and whatever your business size, you have a fighting chance of reaching the millions of people accessing a Google search. 

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