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eCommerce tools to improve user experience and boost sales

eCommerce tools to improve user experience and boost sales

There are various tools available to enhance and support an eCommerce website and UC4 have integrated many of these tools into our clients’ websites. In this article we have highlighted a few we’ve used that have provided substantial benefits to our clients.

Advanced site search - Nextopia

Nextopia provide an advanced product search tool which is able to analyse search data to better understand what users are searching for, and to optimise search results accordingly.

The backend of the Nextopia system also provides search data which can be used to identify popular products as well as any areas for improvement on the website.

We implemented the search system on several of our clients’ websites and it has significantly improved the user experience, allowing customers to easily find the products they are looking for.

The Nextopia system was also flexible enough that we could tailor the presentation of the search results to seamlessly integrate with the design of the website.

Visit Nextopia's website

Online chat - is a free online chat system which allows a business to instantly communicate with its website visitors. Potential customers can type questions and get a response from a member of staff straight away, which immediately starts building a positive relationship with the customer.

Some products on eCommerce websites can be complicated, with lots of options to choose from, so an online chat tool provides a way for the customer to ask questions and get help and reassurance before placing their order.

Sometimes an online chat can lead to a sale straight away or else the customer might return a few days later to make their purchase. Even if it doesn’t directly lead to an order, the customer is still given a positive impression of the business, which means they could return in future or refer their friends.

Key to the success of an online chat system is having staff available to respond to queries as soon as they come in, however the extra time investment should quickly prove worthwhile.

We have recently implemented the chat feature on several of our clients’ eCommerce websites, and it has become an essential tool that both improves the user experience and converts more customers who may otherwise have gone elsewhere.

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Payment and finance providers – PayPal, Braintree, Hitachi

UC4 have integrated a range of third-party payment solutions throughout our eCommerce websites.

These solutions include the ability to pay by credit and debit card, PayPal, mobile payments, subscription plans, and more. Card details can also be stored to enable quicker purchases.

We have also integrated finance options through Hitachi that allow customers to spread the cost of their order, giving them more ways to pay, and encouraging more sales.

Visit the following payment providers websites: PayPal Integration and Braintree

Email marketing – Campaign Monitor, Dotmailer / Dotdigital and Mailchimp

Email marketing campaigns support the website by promoting new products, offers and features, to encourage users to return to the website.

UC4 have used a variety of established third-party email marketing services. We work with our clients to design and develop attractive and versatile email templates that can be used across multiple campaigns.

These mailing systems allow the business to grow a list of subscribers and target emails at specific segments in order to achieve goals – which can be to encourage a sale, fill in an enquiry form, or some other method of interaction.

Sending out an email campaign can immediately drive more traffic to the website. After a campaign is sent, it’s possible to view reports which show useful data about how many subscribers opened the email, clicked on a link in the email, what the bounce rate was etc.

Our eCommerce clients have found email marketing to be an invaluable tool to boost website traffic and sales, and to keep customers informed about new product launches, sales and events. 

Visit the following email markerting websites: Campaign MonitorDotmailer/Dotdigital and Mailchimp.

UC4 Integrations

You can see even more of the tools we have integrated onto eCommerce websites on our Integrations page or contact us to speak with a member of the team and find out how we can help you.

eCommerce tools to improve user experience and boost sales

By Paul Turner

02 September 2019

I am a web developer and have been working at UC4 since 2007. From creating web pages, navigation menus and contact forms, to Content Management Systems and e-commerce features, I aim to build websites that fully meet our clients’ needs and also provide a customer-friendly experience.

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