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Helping Brands Grow

UC4 help brands of all sizes and across many sectors to grow stronger and make a lasting impact. Our full-service approach helps the brands we work with to communicate more effectively.

We create and design your branding guidelines, then develop eye-catching digital media that enables you to achieve your goals.

Our highly skilled team has spent over 17 years strategically building brands locally, nationally and internationally.

Everything has small beginnings


Instead of waiting to start big, start small so that you can grow big. With a little help from our brand experts your brand will be carefully nurtured into fruition.


With a Little help you will grow


Your individuality is reflected in your brand identity. A logo rebranding and a good set of guidelines will set you on the road to success. Our aim is to give brands personalities and make them stand out. We help develop what they do, identify who they do it for and join them together.


Make a friend or two along the way


A successful branding strategy will make you lots of new friends and clients. It's the way the world perceives your company. More than just using it to sell things, the most successful brands create a powerful and defined identity for your company. As time goes by UC4 will continue to evolve your brand to form a better perception of what your clients like or dislike about it.


It's a crowded market out there. A unique identity and a fighting brand strategy with market presence will see you through it. UC4 will help you to define your brand.

Be Prepared To Stand Out

small or large you will succeed



Effective branding shows true personality: who you are, what you're about. Whether your business is large or small a successful brand will make you a winner!


Our clients & brands

UC4 has worked with a variety of great brands and clients for over 17 years

Aston University
Lee Longlands
Black Country Living Museum
Illuma Lighting
The Door and Hardware Federation
The Wildlife Trust
Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind
Richborough Estates
Father Hudson's Care
QAC Queen Alexandra College
Furniture Barn
Caberg Helmets
NVC Lighting
It's a Gin Ting Premium Dry Gin
Fixings Plus
Hub Transport Planning Ltd
Style Line
Fly Performance
Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust
Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Midland Quarry Products
Quest Employment
Flakt Group
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