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How To Build Links By Being Likeable

How To Build Links By Being Likeable

As most marketers and webmasters know, link building is an extremely important aspect of digital marketing nowadays. However despite this, many of these marketers and webmasters are unaware of the best ways to generate quality links and simply go ahead trying to generate links by pestering other webmasters to allow links on their site.

Relationship Building

One of the biggest things you need to consider when trying to find partners for link generation is relationship building. If you can’t build a positive relationship with webmasters, and make them support what your brand represents, you’re never going to get them to accept your proposals for links.

So how exactly do you build a positive relationship and avoid annoying your desired link partners?


Before you take any link building actions you need to discover a number of sites that you wish to generate links through. When you’re discovering these sites, you need to be very careful to ensure you only target trusted sites, else you won’t gain any ranking boosts – you may even see drops occur.

Avoid The Site If Something Doesn’t Seem Right.

Before you set your eyes upon a definite link partner you should make sure to explore every single area of their site. Sometimes a site can do a very good job of hiding their flaws by creating credible high quality pages with a good appearance, but if you dig deeper and start looking at different areas of the site like the news/blog section (especially blog archives) you may find the ugly truth behind the quality of the site.

Explore the entire site and if something doesn’t seem right avoid it and find another. Linking through to a suspicious site can be risky and possibly detrimental for your sites trust ratings.

Don’t Make Judgements Based On Appearance

You should never make a judgement or a final decision based on the appearance of a site. Design doesn’t matter if the quality of the site is poor. You’ll find sites that look beautiful that won’t boost your rankings at all, and sites that look like they haven’t been updated for 15 years that have great trust flow and ranking value. For this reason you need to look at every other aspect of the site and make your decision based upon that, not appearance.


The next step to finding link partners is outreach. Before you can begin generating links to any third party sites, you need to reach out to webmasters to make them aware of your brand and your desire to build links on their site.

Don’t Approach Webmasters without Contact Details

When you’re looking for sites to generate links through, you should make sure that every site on your list has contact details. If a site doesn’t feature any contact details, it’s likely that the webmaster does not want to be contacted. Sites with no contact details are best left alone, as you don’t want to annoy webmasters who wish not to be disturbed.

Don’t Harass Webmasters

When you come to contacting webmasters you should make sure not to harass them on multiple platforms, just send them a message on a single social platform or through email, or give them a call – there’s no need to do all. If a webmaster responds negatively and asks you not to continue contacting them respect their response and leave them alone, don’t continue harassing them with multiple emails.


When you’ve found a webmaster you’d like as a link partner and reached out to them regarding your desires you can begin to negotiate with them, and if you don’t know how to do this you might struggle to build the links you want on the sites you want.

If Something Isn’t Working, Don’t Force It

When you’re negotiating with a webmaster, if they say they aren’t interested in linking through to your site you should simply accept their response and find another link partner. Though sometimes a webmaster may so no because they don’t fully understand what you’re proposing, most webmasters know what links they do and don’t want on their site – so if they say no they most likely mean it.  

If they say no you most certainly shouldn’t force it, just accept rejection from the webmaster then move on and find another high quality site to link through. It can offend you if webmasters reject your proposals, but there are plenty others who will be willing to accept your links on their site.

Need Help With Your Link Building?

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