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Three Easy SEO Quick Wins

Three Easy SEO Quick Wins

As a website owner or digital marketer you’ll most likely know that SEO takes time to kick in, and you could be waiting a while before you see any positive results returned from the hard work you put in.

Although normal SEO practise will eventually lead to performance improvements, there are a few things you can do to see almost instant SEO gains, and they’re not particularly difficult. Read on to find three easy SEO quick wins and see how you can boost the performance of your own, or your client’s website almost instantly.

Create Long-Form Content & Blog Articles

Google values long-form content and you are actually likely to see an increase in the rankings of your site’s pages if you create longer-form, more valuable content.  As webmasters and marketers most likely already know, Google aims to rank market leaders at the top of Google – partially basing this off of the quality of content and how informative it is for users.

If you want to use long-form content to create SEO performance boosts, you need to create content for both sales pages and blog articles that is roughly 1000+ words in length. Obviously, you cannot just write 1000+ words and expect to see your site jump to position one, you need to make sure the content is relevant, informative and valuable to your audience. Ranking improvements won’t be mind blowing, but you should certainly see some keyword performance boosts if you create some lengthy high quality content.

Make The Most Of Easy Link Opportunities

The majority of sites have some amount of back links running through from other sites, especially established ones. These back links are one of Google’s most important ranking factors, so it’s important that you put the effort into having at least a few through to highly trusted sites. If you have an established site to work on – be it your own or clients – you may find that there are unlinked brand mentions on third party sites.

These brand mentions act as an easy and almost effort free way to get your site a new back link. You can use a search operator to find sites that have mentioned your brand without linking, and then contact the site owner requesting they link through to your site. Most will, as there’s no reason for them not to, and a back link will be generated for you at the cost of very little effort.

Take Advantage Of International Targeting

For those who didn’t know, Google allows for international targeting. This means that you can set a specific location for your site to primarily target. This will increase the likelihood of high rankings in this area, but most likely drop it in different locations around the world.

If you are working on an internationally operating website then specific geographical targeting won’t be very beneficial at all. However if the site you’re carrying work out for belongs to a smaller business that operates locally in a specific area or only in one single country, geographical targeting can help to boost your visibility in that location. Geographical targeting can be carried out effortlessly by visiting the ‘International Targeting’ section within the Search Traffic section of Google Search Console, making it a quick, easy and hassle free SEO quick win.

Need Help With One Off Projects Or Long Term SEO?

Are you looking to increase the performance of your website’s SEO? Whether you want one off projects completed or long term gradual SEO improvements and maintenance carried out, the experts here at UC4 can help you to reach organic search success.

Find out more about our SEO services to see how we could help you to improve the performance of your site. If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss the setup of a digital marketing strategy, contact us today.