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Why You Should Consider Taking An Audience-Led Approach To Link Building

Why You Should Consider Taking An Audience-Led Approach To Link Building

As more and more SEOs and marketers begin to focus on content marketing, content-led link building strategies are becoming more common. However, good content doesn’t always create great links and lots of marketers are seeing poor results from the way they work. Everyone wants the best possible performance out of their strategies and so it’s wise to consider refocusing your efforts and begin making content that really benefits the users you want to target.

What Is Content-Led Link Building & How Does It Fail?

When we say content-led we are referring to the process of finding socially successful, widely viewed content pieces and using them to draw ideas out about a client’s specific business area in order to create new pieces of content led from the original article. The idea is that this new ‘great quality’ content is then distributed across multiple social media channels which will theoretically return to you a number of high quality back links. 

There is an issue with this however – content-led link building very often fails at gaining many, if any at all, good quality links. The reason for this being the difficulty of drawing good ideas out of existing successful content, and then creating content just as good.

To put into context just how many marketers aren’t getting the most out of their strategy, we can turn to a report carried out by HubSpot in which 72% of marketers admitted that their current content-led strategies are “limited, basic or inconsistent.”

What’s An Audience-Led Strategy And How Will It Help?

Where a content-led strategy is the process of deriving ideas from existing content and using this to create new content, an audience-led strategy works by shifting your focus to the needs and wants of your audience, and thinking about content you could create that they could benefit from. 

Instead of just using ideas from a successful content piece you find, try to come up with your own original ideas based on your target audience. Think about content you could produce that hasn’t been so widely covered, and will be genuinely valuable to your audience. Content regarding important industry topics is more likely to be shared rapidly if you’re the first person to cover them, as whatever news or advice you supply is going to be new to your audience – in turn leading to multiple high-quality back links.

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